Closeout Docs

The easiest and fastest way to collect, organize, digitally index and deliver a closeout e-book via thumb drive or mobile device.

The Closeout Docs Advantage

  • Significantly reduces time to closeout your project
  • Automatically alerts subs of documents owed with interval reminders
  • Alerts PMs and admins of documents submitted by subs
  • PMs can approve, comment or reject a submission right from system alert
  • No logins required for subs. They simply upload from secure link in email
  • We provide a Project Admin and WHITE GLOVE SERVICE to any Project Manager starting their job
  • Enhance your Closeout E-book with some of these add on deliverables such as 3D Scans, MIM Models, 360 Walk Thru’s, Drone Aerials, or Progress Photos

Closeout Docs Eliminates

  • Manual updates to spreadsheets to track subs
  • Repeated emails to subs for what they owe
  • Manual reporting of contractor progress
  • The need to be at a desk or computer

Upgrade Your Closeout book with any of these optional Jobsite Services

  • 3D Scanning for accurate as builts
  • Progression/Milestone Photos
  • Virtual Walkthroughs
  • Drone Flyovers