Litigation support services

  • Copy

    Whether  it be small format or large, Action Legal is here to take care of any copy needs, and we do it fast. Action Legal is equipped with state of the art printers and copiers that will give you the best quality product in the last amount of time.

  • Litigation copy

    From briefs to depositions to transcripts our staff has been expertly trained to take care of your important documents. In fact we will file your briefs for you.

  • Color copy

    With some of the fastest copiers and printers, Action Legal’s expertise in color reproduction will astonish most.

  • Litigation scanning/imaging

    At Action Legal we utilize the IPro Tech software to scan, organize, number and O.C.R (Optical Character Recognition) your litigation material. IPro Tech is then able to export your production into whatever litigation database, or document management software you use whether it be Summation, Concordance or a host of others.

  • Graphic & exhibit boards

    Graphic and Trial Boards are one of our many specialties. We have a full time graphic designer who will work with you to best conceptualize what you are looking for.

  • Audio video

    With the help of experts, we have the ability to convert, copy, replicate, duplicate or manipulate most any type of media you can  throw at us.

  • File conversion

    Action Legal can convert high volumes of documents or images into pdf or tiff for you to load into your document or case management database.

  • Electronic data discovery

    Our trained professionals can explain the legal standards regarding preservation and collection of electronic data, as well as guide you through your options, showing how each option works to your benefit.

  • Computer forensics

    Our specialists are thoroughly practiced in recovery techniques, authentication, and the analysis of data that goes way beyond any over-the-counter data collection and preservation techniques.